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I have heard of a female demon who lures their man through a song... or at least piques their interest with a song (or tunes) that they connect with somehow... then of course breaks their heart once the man falls in love.....

I had heard of that before and then saw an episode of a show on TV where they called that demon a succubus... but upon research, discovered that a succubus actually has sex with sleeping men.

so my question is this...... what is "my" demon called? Thanks :-)
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perhaps you were thinking of the sirens???
Hmmm.... someone suggested that.. but I don;t think so.... maybe I watch too much south park as they called it a succubus even thought it wasn't....

Although Siren has been the closest so far to what I've been thinking of. Thanks :-)
i've heard that succubus' steal the souls of their men. Whether that is before or after the sex, i couldn't tell you.