JustDontCare (justdontcare) wrote in who_what_why,

if i look at you and yawn....

why do you yawn back?
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The theory I've heard most often is that since it's considered impolite to yawn, me seeing you yawn gives my subconcious "permission" to yawn.
thanks.... weird though :-)
oops, pressed enter by mistake... i was gonna add that it's weird how it very seldom "fails".... i'll try it on some people i think... yawn and see if they do... i know i always yawn back... though prob just coz i'm usually tired....
You know when I read that, I yawned.
wow! cool! :)

i am stifling one myself.

yawning's weird. :)
yawning is strange!
even if someone is on the phone with me, and yawns, i yawn!
the subconscious idea works...giving me permission...but hmm wow. thats odd. but why do we just yawn on our own then? when we read? when we are on the computer for hours?
i heard yawning is to get more oxygen to the brain, not b/c of being bored.
i believe that b/c when i exercise, run, whatever...i yawn A LOT!
*shrugs* but why is it contagious. thats what i want to know too!