6 yr.old wisdom prodigy (hotarunokokoro) wrote in who_what_why,
6 yr.old wisdom prodigy

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why and where?... or... fathom this....

i counted at least 7 pics of womens butts in the yahoo photo section. why just womens butt's? where are the guys? i tell you...it's a conspiracy.*nod, nod*
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why butts at all?
well i dont know about that, but in britain we have weird censor laws... like page 3 of the newspaper can have boobs... surgically enhanced or otherwise, and even a toddler could buy it, if they really had the inclination and money etc..... BUT if you want to see boobs on tv you have to wait until after 9pm etc....

as for a man's... bits... well it was illegal to show them. i think that now you can show them... but only after 10pm on TV and only if they're flaccid. odd laws...

as for the yahoo photos, maybe the chicks' butts are less hairy than the guys, therefore more photogenic somehow? me, i dont see the attraction of the place which delivers the poo. male or female (FYI i'm a straight, married female).
yeah, me too. except for the married part. i agree with the poo part also. i guess photographers forget that there are beautiful people out there that wear things that cover more than the minimum..... INCLUDING guys! ^_~
heh... yeah.. i mean why are bums so fascinating in the first place? what is a bum? oh yeah the thing you sit on the loo with (or even what you sit down on normal chairs with... no more sexy than the soles of ones feet...

your an aussie then? i used to have amate from Oz... then she and her hubby moved back. really miss her straightforwardness and sense of humor.
nope, i'm english, live near london. i have been to australia though.....
near London?!?... is mt. Hermon Bible College Still there? thats where my mom went to school....
i've never heard of it... i just did a yahoo search and it gave no results.... but london is such a large place who knows what schools are there!!!

ask her whereabouts in london it is and i'll look about if she was curious about it!
oh thanks so much for looking for it! but unfortunately, she passed on a few years ago... all i have are some old picutres of her old professors... no worries, i was just so excited to hear another 'accent' online! i only have one other overseas friend, and he is a kiwi! lol... have a great evening!^_^
sorry to hear that... mine did too in 2001 :-)

take care :-)
sorrey to hear of your loss also! sometimes growing up is no fun, bu ti do know my mom is in a much better place now! have a great day!