It's Been Awhile.. Since I First Saw You (internal_scars) wrote in who_what_why,
It's Been Awhile.. Since I First Saw You

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Ok, this is my first question-- Why is it always said if you do not believe in ghost then you will not see them?

1st Q: Has anyone ever seen any ghost? Do you believe in ghost, spirits? I have always been fascinated by that kinda stuff!?--

2nd Q: Ok when creating a FAQ page for you journal, is that considered the memories or is that something totally different? And if so how do you create a FAQ page for your community?

3rd Q: Is there any way you can change the settings of a COMMUNITY so that ALL of the post will be "friends only" so that you do not have to depend the members to remember this? I know you can on your personal journal but I can not find out where to do in a community if it is at all possible..

4rth Q: How do you add memory in the memories page in my community?

5th Q: Does anyone know where to download a paint shop pro for free or a trial version that doesn't take FOREVER to download??

Thanks I HOPE TO GET A LOT OF RESPONSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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